Welcome to Zirve Rug

Zirve RUG was established as Co.op by Yusuf Cavdar who had 33 years of experience of Carpet - kilim's who holesaled all around the world within Türkiye. On the way to Ephesus from Kuşadası in serene sorroundings in an area known for the spotting of rare migrating birds only 4 km to Ephesus on the ancient Kytros River.

" A unique experience awaits all art lovers. "

At Zirve Rug you will experience the herigate of kilim and carpet weaving and its influence on the lives of the people of Anatolia. Our friendly staff are wholeheartedly committed to imparting their knowledge and expetise to our guests from arround the globe.


A unique experience awaits all art lovers.